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Unilumin Outshined at the BIEL Light + Building 2023


The 17th BIEL Light + Building was grandly held in Buenos Aires from April 12 to 15, 2023. The event attracted more than 19,000 visitors and more than 150 exhibitors from 270 countries around the world. As a globally leading provider of outdoor lighting products and solutions, Unilumin was invited to participate in the exhibition and appeared in booth 3E-10 with its latest outdoor lighting products and solutions which attracted numerous attentions, demonstrating the international leading position and comprehensive advantages of Unilumin in the industry.

At the exhibition, the booth design of Unilumin was application scenario oriented, subdivided into areas for application scenarios such as roadway lighting, landscape lighting, sports lighting and industrial lighting, etc. It provided scientific lighting solutions and product combinations, and created a comfortable lighting environment with the lights, so customers could feel the product characteristics and customization service advantages of Unilumin to the greatest extent. The wonderful presentation of multi-scenario lighting solutions also made Unilumin one of the most popular booths at the BIEL Light + Building. 


Roadway lighting is one of the main application scenarios in the field of outdoor lighting, involving the safety lighting needs of urban roads, bridges, highways and other areas, which enhances visibility at night and improves the aesthetics of the city. This area focused on presenting the core products of Unilumin in the field of roadway lighting for high efficiency and green energy saving needs, including the Red Dot Award product Beluga and the DFA Gold Award product Manta, attracting many visitors to stop and watch. The excellent lighting performance of low-carbon certified street light Nano and solar light ELite II was also widely praised and attention-grabbing.


Landscape lighting is another characteristic application scenario of Unilumin, which aims to solve the lighting and aesthetic needs of urban public places, parks, squares, commercial blocks and other areas. Unilumin simulated and built a scene of a courtyard corner at the booth, equipped it with rest benches, and decorated it with its landscape lights Villa and Plaza to create a beautiful, cozy and safe lighting environment, which was appraised by many clients. 


Sports lighting is one of the application scenarios whose demand has been growing rapidly in recent years in the field of outdoor lighting. Customized stadium lighting solutions can provide high-quality lighting effects for events and training, improve the ornamental value and safety of competitions, and create a better experience for athletes and spectators. Based on the central reception area, Unilumin simulated the stadium environment and integrated it with professional sports lighting products Venus and GeniFlood to form a "mini stadium", so that visitors could immerse themselves in it and feel the anti-glare high-quality lighting experience brought by Unilumin products in the stadium even at the exhibition. 


The lighting sector has always been an important part of Unilumin’s business and is one of the key development targets focused on by the Group. With the continuous expansion of the world lighting market, the demand for such products in the Latin American market is also growing. Participation in the BIEL Light + Building will help Unilumin further penetrate its brand strength into the regional market, strengthen contact with potential customers, improve the customers' purchase confidence, and promote the development of Unilumin’s brand influence in Latin America and even the world.


In the future, Unilumin will continue to make intensive efforts in the LED lighting industry, innovate R & D of technology, continuously introduce high-quality products to meet the needs of customers, develop together with the industry, create more value for customers, implement Unilumin's core value of "Altruism", and contribute to the development of the lighting industry!  

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