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Green Light Illuminates Future, Leading Metasight World - Light + Building 2024


The 2024 Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as "Light + Building 2024") has successfully concluded recently. This six-day event centered around sustainable innovation solutions, bringing together over 2,200 industry elites from more than 50 countries and regions. Participants engaged in discussions on the latest technological trends and market developments.


【Everlasting Green Light: Pioneering the Intelligent & Stable Trend】

At Light + Building 2024, nearly 40 outstanding Chinese brands showcased their products alongside European companies in the International Pavilion. Among them stands Unilumin, a world-class provider of LED lighting and display solutions.

Unilumin's exhibition this time is themed around "Intelligent, Low Carbon, and Stability," showcasing its research outcomes and innovative products in various fields, such as smart lighting and energy conservation. It presents diverse product solutions for different scenarios through simulated outdoor lighting scenes, vividly depicting smart roads, smart courtyards, and more. The Unilumin team provides real-time explanations of products and solutions, attracting numerous customers for visits and discussions at the exhibition site.


【Self-developed, Technological Aesthetics】

Unilumin's exhibits are widely utilized across various scenarios, including road lighting, landscape lighting, solar street lighting, industrial lighting, sports lighting, and smart parks, etc. These exhibits boast outstanding performance in terms of illumination and uniformity. Applying "key technologies for high-efficiency and long-life lighting" enables lower power consumption and longer lifespan, jointly presenting a splendid technological feast for global users.


The Marlin Series Streetlight, the sole recipient of the Chinese Mainland of 2024 iF Design Award, stands as the undeniable centerpiece at the Unilumin booth. Representing the latest innovation by Unilumin, this high-end outdoor lighting solution boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design that minimizes wind resistance. With its comprehensive functionality and professionally tailored light distribution, it adapts seamlessly to various road conditions. Pioneering features like the vertical pin hinge and automatic power-off switch reduce manual labor and maintenance costs. It outperforms industry standards by reaching an astounding luminous efficacy of 200lm/W, making it an ideal choice in alignment with global "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" policies and the pursuit of green, sustainable lighting practices.


Also on display are the acclaimed Beluga streetlights, winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award, and the Manta streetlights, recipient of the 2022 DFA Design for Asia Award’s Gold Prize. These exquisite road illuminators by Unilumin seamlessly blend innovative technology with aesthetic design, garnering widespread attention and acclaim.



【Metasight World Created with Unilumin Brand】

At present, Lighting and Display technologies are experiencing a period of vigorous growth, with innovative applications emerging constantly, bringing vast opportunities and challenges to the display & lighting industries. As a leading enterprise in both sectors, Unilumin seizes the moment, turning challenges into opportunities. With expertise in sports lighting and displays, Unilumin presents a highly influential turnkey solution of Metasight to the attending audience.


During the exhibition, Unilumin demonstrated its core competitive advantages to global users with a professional and pragmatic attitude. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on Metasight, striving for research and development innovation and enhancing customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing more environmentally friendly, intelligent, and stable Metasight solutions for global users.


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