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Innovative lighting, leading the future - Unilumin shines in Hong Kong


On October 29, the 8th Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo held at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong came to a successful conclusion. Themed "Light Up Every Opportunity", this exhibition attracted 380+ LED lighting companies from around the world, exploring the infinite possibilities of lighting technology together.


In order to better expand quality partners and create development opportunities together, Unilumin attended the Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Lighting Expo again after four years with its innovative outdoor lighting products and solutions. Through the display of multi-scene product solutions and interactive experience of management platforms, the power of "innovative lighting" was fully presented. Unilumin simulated outdoor lighting scenes, vividly restoring roads, tunnels and other scenes, and created the most distinctive booth, becoming the focal point of the whole expo, attracting many customers to visit and discuss further for cooperation.

Gathering of excellence - Lighting, but not just lighting

With the development of society, technologies such as LED light sources and smart lighting systems have gradually developed into maturity. The market demand for lighting products is no longer limited to basic lighting but also expands to design aesthetics, sustainability, customization and flexibility, the improvement of which has gradually become a new trend in industry development.


We showcased Beluga streetlight, winner of the Red Dot Design Award and Manta streetlight, winner of the DFA Gold Award, at the expo. With the perfect combination of excellent aesthetic design and powerful functionality, they stand out from the crowd of streetlights and are highly favoured by customers.


In addition, the all-in-one solar streetlight ELite II with up to 200 lm/W luminous efficacy has also attracted many customers. The angle-adjustable LED module and installation design make it flexibly applicable to various areas, which maintains efficient solar energy absorption and conversion while providing a quality lighting experience. Another new product, the solar streetlight ELite II-Bot, is eye-catching with its unique self-cleaning function, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and ensures its sustainable performance even in severe environments.


Unilumin Smart Pole is undoubtedly the focus of the whole expo. It integrates multiple functions such as smart lighting, security monitoring, environmental monitoring and energy consumption management, whose functions can be customized according to user needs. Unilumin Smart Pole can be mounted with various smart devices and sensors and combined with communication technologies, such as 5G and NB-IOT, to achieve data collection and device linking. It also can collaborate with operating platforms and screens to achieve "one-screen overview and on-screen operations", providing convenient, efficient and safe services for smart city management.

Caring for the development of the industry and exploring the future

In this expo, the outstanding performance of Unilumin is not only praised by customers but also recognized by enterprises in this industry. The organizer spoke highly of Unilumin's outstanding performance and conducted an official interview with Diana Lu, General Manager of the company. During the interview, Diana Lu shared Unilumin's research results and development plans in the future in the field of LED lighting. Lu was also invited to attend the "New Infrastructure for Smart Cities: Exploring the Trend of Smart Lighting" forum to share the latest progress and trends in smart lighting with personnel in this industry and discuss how to promote the development of smart cities through emerging technology such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. 


Metasight-shine brilliance worldwide

The success of this International Outdoor and Tech Lighting Expo provides an opportunity for Unilumin to showcase its innovative results and strength. As the core business of Unilumin Group, Unilumin Lighting has deeply engaged in the LED lighting industry for many years and has now become the leading supplier of LED outdoor lighting solutions. We have cooperated with customers from more than 80 countries and regions around the world and successfully built a large number of go-global benchmarking cases demonstrating "Intelligent Manufacturing in China".


In the future, as a leader in the Metasight (LED Lighting & LED Display) industry, Unilumin will continue to optimize existing solutions, contribute to the information-based, digital, and intelligent society, and promote the continuous development of LED display and lighting technology!

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