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LIGHTFAIR 2020 Postponed to Later Summer or Early Fall


LIGHTFAIR 2020 Postponed to Later Summer or Early Fall

Dear Valued Customers and Partners, 

As notified by the LIGHTFAIR, we regret to keep you informed that LFI2020 exhibition has been postponed due to growing concerns around Covid-19, shifting industry sentiments and an overall wish to preserve health and safety. The May 3-7, 2020 event will now take place later this year in Las Vegas, pending improved conditions, which results in our being unable to exhibit as scheduled.  780-440(5).jpg

We have been meticulously preparing the LIGHTFAIR 2020 and really expecting to meet you and present our latest innovations and products at our booths in this May. However, the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and partners is the number one priority to us. We would like to contribute what we can do to containing the Coronavirus (COVID-19). On the other hands, the postponement is not forever, it is for a better meeting for us when there are no health risks posed by the Coronavirus. 


Considering the fact that LIGHTFAIR has yet to disclose the exact reopen date for LIGHTFAIR 2020, we will pay close attention to later announcement and will notify you as soon as we receive the exact new date of LIGHTFAIR 2020. 


We greatly appreciate your attention, and we are looking forward to meeting you at Unilumin Booth then.  

Best Regards

Unilumin Lighting Business Team

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