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Unilumin lights up Qiqihar City with over 11000 intelligent LED street lights


Unilumin just implemented the Qiqihar City Street Light Upgrading Project in Heilongjiang Province, north China by deploying 11,445 units of LED street lights to upgrade the city lighting facilities. 

Qiqihar 1.jpg

In this retrofitting project, Unilumin replaced all the traditional lights for 186 streets with Shark, Mouse street lights and helped the city save more than 60% energy as well as greatly improved the lighting level, which is 50% higher than China National Standard. 

Qiqihar 2.jpg

Apart from the street lights, Unilumin provided the city government with the intelligent control system and solution to save more energy, monitor and manage the street lights more conveniently.

With the rapid development of IOT, connected lighting is the trend and future, all of Unilumin street lighting products are futureproof with optional IOT interface to benefit our customers and end-users. 

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As the leading LED outdoor lighting manufacturer and solution provider, Unilumin always delivers its commitment to offering the most competitive product and solution to create a better lighting world and improve our wellbeing.

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